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1970 ST-Micro Singapore

Not being an expatriate, hanging out with other expats, always seeking local contacts, made us learn and appreciate Asians and led ultimately to what todays is called "network ing" intimes without internet and no Linkedln. This networking was the cristalisation point of later success and resulted ultimately in founding the European subsidiary of vtech in Germany, enabling vtech to conquer the European market.

1989 VTECH GmbH, founded in Germany

To expand  the Hong-Kong based  VTech-Group of companies into the European marketplace. We started with car radios and satellite receivers and enlarged our portfolio 1992 by adding cordless phones. We developed and produced those products for European key customers such as Alcatel, Matra in France, VW, Saba, Wisi, Schneider, Kathrein and  Medion, where we not only became 1995 No.2 (GFK)  in cordless  phones, but pushed VTech into the DECT-Technology, which was the cornerstone for today’s  position as No. 1 in cordless phones worldwide supplying Deutsche Telekom, AT&T etc.

1996 Founding GLP GmbH in Munich

The success of establishing  VTech in Europe, did not go unnoticed and 1993 WUS asked us to do the same. After Oliver earned his degree at the Technical University of Munich, we founded GLP GmbH to represent WUS. The first meager years we survived still servicing VTech. Bit by bit we convinced European OEM’s that we are a reliable and dependable source for High Tech PCB´s. Here we were instrumental in getting WUS 1999 into the HDI -, as well as into the automotive business in Europe.

2002 - 2015 Expansion

From the humble beginnings with one customer and a turnover of $ 0,5 Million 1998, GLP has today grown to serve more than 50 locations worldwide such as Gualdalajara (Mexico),Brasil, Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, USA Australia and  Europe with France, Hungary, Romania, Slowakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Meanwhile we built up a competent team of 15 at location s in Grafing (Munich), Shanghai (China), Chicago (USA) and Chonburi (Thailand), which enables our customers to reach us real-time in every time-zone worldwide, with a turnover exceeding 100 Mill $ US.

2013 enlarging portfolio

Following the requested demands of our customers, a new business unit was established, moving  the services one step further, from strictly PCB’s to reliable contract manufacturing.

2016 adding product engineering

As next logical step establishing a product engineering group, thus enabling our customers to move their new product ideas from feasibility studies via prototype production into mass production.